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Symptoms of Runtime Errors

Runtime Errors can be stressful for a user. It can interrupt a good game, destroy your browsing session, or lose time with your loved ones during a video chat or call. Runtime errors may seem like nothing as many errors aren’t as intrusive, but when you are getting frequent errors, it could be indicative of computer failure.

Runtime Error Causes

There are different sources of a Runtime Error. It could be caused by a simple programming error on the developer’s end, but it can also be caused by other software that are interfering with each other. It can even be caused by malware running along with your programs.

Solution for Runtime Errors

The best way to ultimately deal with runtime errors is to scan and fix it with the Runtime Error Repair Tool. We highly recommend this download.

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Why do application runtime errors occur?

Computers are designed to run a set of instructions called a program. These programs run code and use computer resources to achieve a desired function or effect. Some may have a user interface, while other programs run in the background. It is very difficult to create a program. Often times, developers spend lots of time bug testing programs to make sure there are no errors.

Unfortunately, there are other factors that can prevent a program from running well, which results in runtime errors. Some problems are caused by the application itself, while most times it is caused by two incompatible or interfering programs running at the same time. This may be a problem when two programs refer to the same registry entry or maybe the same resource at the same time.

Where do many runtime errors come from?

Runtime errors are born from poorly written programs or problematic resource usage. Many of these issues can be traced to the registry, as well as to interfering malware. It is a matter of making sure that programs derive their resources properly, which may get mixed up during installation or as time passes by.

If you are frequently getting runtime errors, check which programs are running at the same time when it happens. There could be a conflict of programs in the background, or you could be running malware that is also trying to access or modify the same files a legitimate program is trying to use.

What does a Windows Registry have to do with it?

The registry directs programs to the resources they need to run properly. It is like a roadmap that programs use to arrive at a destination that they need to be in. It could lead to a photo, a database, or a piece of code. When a program accesses a file through the registry, it could either just read it or modify it. When two programs try to modify it at once, it could lead to a runtime error.

Of course, it doesn’t mean it has to be that way. Sometimes, the registry itself is just confused and leads a program to access a file that it is not supposed to use. This could be due to a faulty installation, or a problem with how the program is coded.

How to fix Runtime Errors due to Registry Problems

When it is a problem with the program itself, there is no way for you to fix it unless you know how to debug software and know the code that runs behind it. Leave that to the developers. But when you think that it is a registry issue, then you know there is something you can do. Registry issues are a major pain to fix, unless you have a program that streamlines the process.

One such effective program is RegCure. RegCure Pro can scan the thousands of registry entries that your computer has for errors. This is a task that would probably take you years to complete if done manually. RegCure can do it in a matter of seconds, making it a valuable asset to have at your disposal. Even the tech guys use it.

The best part is that RegCure Pro is not only made for fixing registry issues. It is a complete maintenance tool that impresses even the most technical people. Like its namesake, RegCure Pro makes your computer really fast by eliminating errors and speed bumps that may cause your computer to slow down. You will be surprised how fast and smooth your PC can run after using RegCure Pro.

Perks of using RegCure Pro

Perks of using RegCure Pro

As the most comprehensive and popular program for tech support and PC maintenance, RegCure Pro offers many perks and services:

Effective: Nothing works quite like RegCure Pro. It is effective in rooting out the problems that could be plaguing your PC and making sure it is clean and smooth. It can identify even the deepest rooted errors that other programs may miss

Speedy: RegCure Pro is just that – speedy. It can scan in just seconds and do its job in nearly a blink of an eye. You just have to sit back and relax, maybe hit a cup of coffee as you watch the magic unfold in your screen. Tech support saves time with RegCure Pro and so can you.

Easy to use: This program is made for both the everyday user as well as technical people looking for a faster solution. All you need to do is learn how to click and everything will work automatically. You don’t even need to have any technical knowledge.

Fix the worst problems in Windows: Windows encounters a varied range of problems that needs to be rooted out, but many programs out there just can’t handle some of the most difficult ones. RegCure Pro has no problem dealing with the biggest issues you encounter.

Totally Free to Scan: If you have doubts and you think that you don’t need RegCure Pro, just try out a free scan. No strings attached! One scan and you will know that you need RegCure Pro to make your life a little easier.

Bonus Tools: While RegCure Pro’s primary function is to sweep and clean all errors in your computer’s registry, it also has other varied functions that make it a comprehensive maintenance tool. Functions such as defragmentation, memory optimization, and malware removal are but a fraction of what RegCure Pro can do for you.

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PC Health "How-To":

STEP 1 - Download and run RegCure Pro

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Free Customer Support

Free Customer Support

System Requirements

  • SpeedyPC works with all Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP computers
  • 20MB of hard drive space is required
  • Users must have administrator access to the PC in order to make changes with SpeedyPC

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